24 November 2017

What is Next-generation Workload Automation ?

Dan Twing from EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) was the first speaker of the conference and he showed us what is important in the world of workload automation tools and how InfiniteDATA ScheduleIn perfectly meets those requirements and easily transfers business benefits of automation into organizations. He also presented the vision of Next-generation Workload Automation (WLA), where the following features are crucial:


  • Modern, flexible and resilient architecture
  • Online uprgades (prepared for non-stop operation)
  • High reliability (prepared for non-stop operation)
  • Microservices architecture to meet scalability requirements and server-less deployment approach
  • Ability to change particular functionality without disturbing any other


Ladies and gentlemen,  the conclusion is quite obvious:

Next-generation Workload Automation needs microservices architecture deployed on JLupin ! 


JLupin, acting as a fully automated microservices platform and powerful application server meets all these requirements and move workload automation tools to next -generation level. We see this, Dan sees this and… InfiniteDATA also has noticed that and…. in that way we can proudly announce that:


InfiniteDATA and JLupin Software Studio become technology and business partners to provide

Non-stop InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN powered by JLupin


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