24 September 2017

Unbreakable DRACO-IAM is on production

DRACO-IAM @ JLupin Next Server 1.4 has been just deployed on production. Now, the access to over one hundred and thirty applications in the client’s environment are protected and controlled by ‘Unbreakable Draco’ – the modern identity and access management system designed in microservice architecture, running on JLupin Next Server 1.4.


The client needed more agility  – independent and online changes of particular group of functionalities, it was very important for this project. What’s more, the system has a critical role in the environment – most of applications directly rely on it, so its performance, availability and scalability were crucial.

There was only one solution for that challenge – the microservice architecture. DRACO was divided into several business domains to ensure agility and service protection:

  • Management, where users’ right and roles are managed by system administrators.
  • Authentication & authorization, where integrated applications request the core services
  • Reporting, where reports and generated periodically and on demand (!).
  • Data integration, where data flows and syncing where managed.

From availability point of view the most important service is ‘authentication & authorization’ and due to applied architecture it became separated and protected against influence from any other services, which have completely different load characteristics.


If the microservice architecture is taken into consideration…

…and availability is the king…there is only one answer for this challenge – JLupin Next Server.

Service impact

The new version of Comarch IAM – The Unbreakable Draco, which runs on JLupin Next Server has significant impact of authorization process – the average response time was reduced by 73% ! This is one of the most important benefits of running applications / microservices on JLupin Next Server – excellent performance.

The following graphs show how efficiently requests are handled by the system.


>> A short time-to-market for changes to individual DRACO business domains (console, authorization, reports), thanks to the use of the microservice architecture.

>> Secured data processing by separating individual business domains at the level of the infrastructure and resources controlled by JLupin Next Server. Deployment of new releases, restarts, temporary overloads in a given domain do not affect each other (data synchronization as a flagship example of real need).

>> Selective scalability with JLupin Next Server’s scale-out architecture, which allows for linear, fully online capacity enhancements to selected DRACO features.

>> Reliability, derived directly from the adopted architecture and functionality of the JLupin Next Server platform (zero downtime deployment, self-healing, distributed load balancing), confirmed by business continuity tests.

>> Centralized management that allows for JLupin Next Server’s online re-configuration and management, monitoring and diagnostics (JLupin Control Center).

>> Real support for application platform vendors that works closely with the DRACO vendor to minimize implementation bugs and maintenance failures.


If you would like to hear more about this success meet us on Comarch User Group meeting in October ! 


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