15 February 2018

The right solution for testing microservices

MakeItRight is a vendor of PowerFarmer, the automation platform that is capable of automating all processes running around software development life cycle. It provides the following features:

  • Cross platform Test Automation
  • Efficient automation development, maintenance and execution
  • Integration with Continuous Integration tools
  • Orchestration of the task related to test environments, deployment and test data management

AAutomation is delivered via self-service portal model available to be launched directly by final recipients. At the same time, they provide a comprehensive services including ready-made process maps, documentation templates and best practices workshops to help customers in journey towards automation.

Due to seamless integration with JLupin Platform, basing on the information provided by our microservices platform (Service Repository) the testing services are automatically prepared for users, which simplifies the process of preparing automated tests. Again, together with MakeItRight we can improve the time-to-market factor of your development process.

The only thing you need to do is to take the right solution.

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