10 April 2017

Perform Day 2017
in Warsaw – summary

The first presentation was devoted to the general trends of business development in the world. Luis Miguel Porem, the Regional Business Head from Dynatrace, presented a customer-centric vision of a digital business where user experience has become a major factor in business process efficiency. Standard methods of monitoring are insufficient to set the level of satisfaction of digital service users and cannot be treated as the basis for improvements in IT systems. That is why Dynatrace, in the world of digital, has decided to redefine monitoring and provide a completely new platform that implements this vision.



The next sessions were about the new Dynatrace monitoring platform. The colleagues from Omnilogy have shown how the new product provides a bridge between the world of infrastructure, applications, and related services. With solutions such as SmartScape, visualization of even very complex environments can not only be possible but also useful from an operational point of view. The real hit was the talk by Sławek Michalik with the D.A.V.I.S. bot, who, thanks to the voice command, was able to find out about the status of services in the selected time period without touching the keyboard. And if he was interested in one of the incidents, D.A.V.I.S. sent a relevant summary to the Sławek’s web browser. This is an example of how consistently Dynatrace implements one of the strategic pillars of “redefined monitoring” – optimization of operations.



The following sessions have led us through many interesting topics, such as:

  • Omniflow – the best way to show business effectiveness on one consistent diagram.
  • Omniscope – the best way to analyze users’ experience on your web application
  • DevOps – what you should not do if you want to be successful in DevOps
  • Network Monitoring by Viavi Observer as the best solution to know everything about your traffic


And finally, our session, during which we provided attendees through the seemingly complex world of microservices. We have redefined key concepts, defeated myths and legends regarding this “microservice” buzz word. We showed how to destroy monolith and create a flexible and efficient business system in the microservices architecture. We also demonstrated the integration of our product – JLupin Next Server with Dynatrace APM, thanks witch you can keep the full control over the quality in the microservices environments.



The path leading to agility and scalability is open, with JLupin’s knowledge and technology is straight and easy !

See you next year on Perform Day !

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