18 July 2017

JLupin Next Server 1.4
is finally released !

The new version of JLupin Next Server and associated tools enables full control over the software development life cycle on its every stage:


  • from design, where IDE plugin provided by JLupin helps developers to plan, visualize and verify application architecture, especially where it is powered by microservices,

  • through deployment in runtime environment, configured in elastic zone-based architecture, where jBrick technology enables any scale of operation and reliable data processing,

  • to maintenance, where advanced management tools simplify IT process and help decrease the operational costs of microservices.



JLupin Software Studio is always focused on business values coming from technologies, the new product portfolio shows that those profits can be achieved now, with JLupin Next Server 1.4. If you would like to see how to transform technology into business benefits and enter into next stages of digital transformation, please contact us.


Visit the jlupinnextserver.io to get more technical info.



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