10 November 2017

Enterprise Automation Forum 2017 is coming

If the microservices architecture is a king, the automation is a queen !

This is not a “marriage of convenience” but a true symbiosis, allowing you to get the benefits of an automated, agile microservices architecture.


But this is only a small piece of the world called “AUTOMATION”. During InfiniteDATA Enterprise Automation Forum 2017 in Warsaw the following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Modern Workload Automation: The Foundation for a Next Generation Company (Dan Twing, Enterprise Management Associates)
  • Travel: a luxury or an investment ? (Karim Ladak, Information Technology and Shared Services Executive)
  • Automation: Can You Afford It ?(Mirosław Andziak, CEO at InfiniteDATA)
  • Go Digital vs Be Digital (Karol Mazurek, Accenture)
  • Automation Aspects of IT Transformation – Case study (Jarosław Bartosik, Polkomtel)
  • Self Service Automation. Future of BI: Case study (Mariusz Kłys, Alior Bank)
  • Automation in the world of microservices: what are the challenges in the IT environment when the microservice architecture emerges ? (Tomasz Fryc, JLupin Software Studio)


Yes, the last one is ours ! Our speech will be about how application environments and associated IT processes are changed after going into microservices architecture and what kind of new processes and mechanisms appear and are crucial for effectiveness of the whole microservices environment. Of course, we will also describe how JLupin overcomes this challenges in practice.


We are a silver partner of this great event and we will announce very important news regarding our cooperation with InfiniteDATA.


See more on InfiniteDATA EAF2017 website and register to meet us next week !

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