9 July 2018

Core Banking System powered by JLupin !

Nowadays, financial services are completely based on IT solutions, which is why business opportunities are directly dependent on digital architecture of financial institutions. In this difficult environment, they have to deal with:

  • Digitalization and automation of all business processes
  • Scalable business beyond local market – globalization of financial services
  • Deep personalization with full omnichannel approach in sales and  customer service channels
  • Multibranding to adapt the offer to any customer group, also with cooperation with non-financial partners (e.g. telco, e-commerce)
  • Easy and quick adaptation of market requirements (business and regulatory)
  • Cost-efficiency along with full digitalization on a large scale
  • Easy and quick integration with business partners to extend the offer


The financial sector needs modern IT solutions that uses latest technologies enabling unconstrained and rapid business growth beyond the standard banking service. One of the greatest answer for these challenges is coming from INCAT & JLupin – Banking Operating System (BOS), a core banking system for fintechs and traditional banks, based on fully integrated  microservices suite, characterized by multiple product systems delivering mono-line product solution in multi-brand organization. The basic assumptions of BOS are:


The Banking Operation System supports:

  • management of customer for challenger banks
  • management of products and payments, e.g. demand deposits
  • defining multi-brand organization
  • managing the financial transaction based on real currencies and crypto
  • authorization of financial transaction
  • integration with clearing system SEPA
  • integration with payment card systems
  • handling General Ledger accounts
  • managing data for obligatory and management reporting



BOS as an innovative financial system with features that distinguish it from existing products on the market in the areas of:

  • Designed for two target groups (Banks and FinTechs)
  • Scalability business driven architecture
  • Modularization and business microservices separation
  • New links in the business value chain
  • Handling both, old and new forms of electronic currency
  • Creating additional digital values (customers’ transactions data)
  • Technological architecture (up to date, originated by 2018)


BOS is built in the microservices architecture on JLupin Platform, where

  • BOS is a set of connected and collaborating group of services (microservices)
  • Each microservice implements a set of related functions (focused around business capabilities)
  • Additionally, each business brand configured in BOS can be run on the dedicated group of microservices
  • Due to JLupin architecture, each microservice runs on separated process that is managed and scales individually.
  • Easy deployment, from development environment to production at any scale, without any changes on the architecture level, available only on JLupin Platform.
  • High performance and reliability of the BOS system is guaranteed by JLupin Platform by binary protocols and distributed load balancers
  • Various communication patterns, including reactive channels & queues, are provided and powered by JLupin Platform.


We are impressed how efficiently INCAT has taken advantages from JLupin technology and transformed it into real, significant business values. That’s what it’s all about, that’s the mission of all kind of technologies – to solve technical problems which we meet during achieving business goals. If you would like to get more about it, please contact us.


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