2 March 2018

AutomateNOW! Wroclaw

The great event about anything related to automation. In Wroclaw, there were three speaker talking about the role of modern automation in IT environments and its positive influence on the organizations.


  • Digital Transformation 2.0 – from the manufactory to the software factory (JLupin). We showed how current business conditions, in particular resulting from the widespread availability of the Internet from mobile devices, affect the IT environment. We have selected four main pillars of the second phase of digital transformation, the aim of which is to preserve or introduce an effective process of high quality software development regardless of increasing business and client expectations. We are going to introduce the article about this important phase of IT transformation so watch us carefully !



  • Robotic Process Automation in the company – a trend or a necessity? (PROA Technology). They showed extremely convincing data that the introduction of RPA  significantly increases the efficiency of processes. Surprisingly, this data contradicts the threat that RPA potentially brings to the organization – reduction of employment. Thanks to RPA, staff can be moved to more creative tasks, which can bring significant value for the organization in the long term. PROA Technology is a vendor of the RPA software, offered in a very interesting business model (SaaS), whose effectiveness was demonstrated on the example of automation of the HR process. A very interesting solution, definitely worth evaluating.
  • The Next Generation Workload Automation (InfiniteDATA). The InfiniteDATA CEO has proved beyond any doubt that automation is a necessary path for every organization. He pointed to the values of automation for both the organization and its employees and customers. This is no longer a question “to automate ?” or “when to automate ?” because it became obvious that “yes and now”, the question is “how and what?”. He also led us through the secrets of the next generation automation and how analyst company reports can help us make the right decision. And most importantly ….


It was announced that InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN has been very highly rated by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and located at the forefront of this type of solutions.

Congratulations !

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