To list all available commands just type help.

Command help

Do you forget what was the second argument to microservice restart command? Or what was the first argument to set command? Don't worry. Press ? key while typing your command to get help about current argument.


Use tab key to complete what your typing (like in standard shell). Why type to much when you don't have to?


If you want to repeat previous command just press up key or ctrl+r to search through history.

Output redirection

You can save command output to file like in unix shell. To do so just type > [filename] at the end of your command. Or you can send output of one command to second one, ex. using grep command. Just use pipe | character, ex. command arg | grep "abc"


Do you often run same group of tasks? Create a script file and then use script run command to execute it. Script file is nothing more than standard console commands separated with new lines (\n).