JLupin PLatform release notes

  • Release date: 07.02.2019
  • Release version: 1.6.0
  • Release name: Pamphylia
  • Documentation: current

CHANGE LOG (1.5.0 ->


ID Type Description
JLP-486 New feature ENTRYPOINT from Dockerfile handling in startup scripts (start.sh).
JLP-479 Bug HTTP INFORMATION PORT provides outdated configuration.
JLP-475 Bug NullPointerException when restarting destroyed microservice
JLP-474 New feature New configuration entries for technical microservice startup procedure (order).
JLP-473 Improvement Basic autodeployer for docker image (working during startup).
JLP-472 Bug Common structure for data in memory storage in queue microservice.
JLP-469 Improvement Extending /listMicroservices URI on HTTP INFORMATION PORT by 'processId' field.
JLP-467 Bug Wrong DateFormat used is some components.
JLP-465 New feature TERM and INT signals handling in start.sh script (Linux).
JLP-464 New feature Interactive mode for startup procedure ("-i" option for Linux).
JLP-459 Improvement New classloaders supporting FATJAR deployment unit for NATIVE.
JLP-458 New feature Checking by http information entry point if os process is alive.
JLP-457 New feature get serializers only from JLupinSystemContainer.getInstance().getJLupinSerializer();
JLP-456 New feature Automatic upgrader for main.yml file during main server starting.
JLP-455 New feature Configure set of files (eg application.properties
JLP-454 Bug Lack of correct interpretation variable 'isRestartOnError' from configuration.yml.
JLP-448 Improvement Proper sequence for reactive channels - close / existing elements.
JLP-447 Improvement Optimize getting isDebug mode for loggers interfaces.
JLP-232 Improvement Better solution communicate on start process if another process holds microservice`s start process.
JLP-157 Improvement External serializator



Component name Version
JLupin Platform
JLupin Client
JLupin Edge Balancer
JLupin CLI Console
JLupin Web Console
JLupin Reactive Queues
JLupin Reactive Channels
JLupin Http Session Repository


IMPORTANT NOTE: All components in 1.6.0.x version are compatible with each other.

Spring Boot

Spring Boot: older than 1.5.x 1.5.x 2.0.x
JLP no yes yes

NOTICE Spring Boot is not a part of JLupin Platform, it could be managed by JLupin as a servlet microservice, acting like access layer component (API Gateway).

Development IntelliJ Plugin (JL IntelliJ Plugin)

JL IntelliJ Plugin 1.0.x 1.1.x 2.0.x
JLNS 1.4.0 yes yes no
JLP 1.5.0 no no yes
JLP 1.6.0 no no yes

Upgrade info (1.5.0 -> 1.6.0)

Upgrade process


Upgrade impact

Scope Impact level
Runtime (servlet) low
Runtime (native) high
Management low
Design high
Integration low