Spring configuration

JLupin platform has built-in mechanism for loading application.properties file from microservice directory. Entries in form key=value are put into Java's system properties in same form (key as string and value as string). In some cases you may don't want to load this file by JLupin. Instead you want to set the path to configuration file. You can disable this behaviour by setting configuration attribute isLoadSimpleApplicationPropertiesBeforeStartup to false:

    isLoadSimpleApplicationPropertiesBeforeStartup: false

Then if you want to set path to configuration file change JVM options in servlet_configuration.yml file to (for example):

  jvmOptions1: '[...] -Dspring.config.location=${microservice.dir}/application.yml'
  jvmOptions2: '[...] -Dspring.config.location=${microservice.dir}/application.yml'