JLupin Platform Web Console (webcontrol)


JLupin Platform Web Console (the code name webcontrol) is a serlvet microservice that is capable of doing administration tasks on JLupin Platform (single JLupin Brick). It's treated by JLupin as another servlet microservice, but it's availability is limited to admin type virtual servers on JLuipn Edge Balancer (8888 port by default).

JLupin Platform Web Console is distributed in several ways:

  • It's bundled with JLupin Platform Community Edition - it's already deployed by default and starts automatically with JLupin.
  • It's included in JLupin Platform Enterprise Edition as ready-to-deploy microservice in local repozitory (upload directory)
  • It's available in Marketplace for registered users - it's good to take a look, because new version might be available.

Installation & start-up

It's very simple. If already have a copy of JLupin Platform Web Console (webcontrol.zip in upload directory) simply:

  • upload the microservice with microservice upload webcontrol.zip command (using JLupin Platform Console)
  • start it with microservice upload webcontrol
  • enjoy it at https://\<hostname>:8888/webcontrol :) click here if all stuff is on your computer.

NOTICE: If you see the certificate or security error related to insecure connect - please ignore it / accept the exception. This may happen because of self-signed certificated provided by us with JLupin (you can install your own trusted if you want).

Initial setup

The following screen should welcome you:

Figure 1. JLupin Platform Web Console welcome screen.

There are two built-in, preconfigured users:

  • admin (password: admin), which has full rights in the web console, except user management tasks.
  • useradmin (password: useradmin), which has limited right only to user management tasks

After successful login, we advice you to adjust settings to your preferences:

Figure 2. JLupin Platform Web Console settings.

Now, you can start your journey with JLupin Platform Web Console - you see the environment with important parameters, all controlled by the terminal on the right. Enjoy it :)