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JLupin Next Server (current) release notes

  • Release date: 07.06.2018
  • Release version: 1.4.1
  • Release name: Cyprus
  • Documentation: current

CHANGE LOG (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)


  • JLupin Edge Balancer
  • Extended Self-healing
  • Event log
  • Extended monitoring
  • HTTP information port
  • Node activation / deactivation
  • Local console improvements
  • SSL sockets with two-way authentication mechanism
  • Dynamic logical servers
  • Lock manager
  • JLupin Reactive Queues
  • JLupin Reactive Channels
  • JLupin Reactive Protocol
  • Support for Scala
  • Web console
  • Startup controller


ID Description




Compatibility Matrix

Spring Boot

Spring Boot: older than 1.5.x 1.5.x 2.0.x
JLNS no yes yes

NOTICE Spring Boot is not a part of JLupin Next Server, it could be managed by JLupin as a servlet microservice, acting like access layer component.

JLupin Control Center (JCC)

JCC: 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x
JLNS no no yes

JLupin Client (JL Client)

JL Client 1.4.0
JLNS 1.4.0 yes no
JLNS no yes

JCS JLupin Next Server InteliiJ Plugin (JL InteliiJ Plugin)

JL InteliiJ Plugin 1.0.x 1.1.0 1.2.0
JLNS 1.4.0 yes yes yes
JLNS no no yes

CAUTION: Since JLNS only IntelliJ plugin v1.2.4 (and above) are supported.

JCS JLupin Next Server Maven Plugin (JL Maven Plugin)

JL Maven Plugin: 1.0.x 1.1.x
JLNS 1.4.0 yes no
JLNS no yes

CAUTION: Since JLNS only Maven plugin v1.1.2 (and above) are supported.

Upgrade info (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)

Upgrade process


Upgrade impact

Scope Impact level
Runtime (servlet) medium
Runtime (native) medium
Management high
Design high
Integration high