JLupin Edge Balancer release notes

  • Release date: 07.02.2019
  • Release version: 1.6.0
  • Documentation: current

CHANGE LOG (1.5.0 ->

ID Type Priority Description
Bug JLEB-5 Highest Improper error handling during remote discovery port invocation.
New feature JLEB-4 High Static context manually added through custom configuration (for external microservices, managed outside the platform).
Bug JLEB-3 High Improper error handling during HTTP INFORMATION PORT invocation.
Bug JLEB-2 Highest SwaggerUI cannot access services due to mixed content error.
Improvement JLEB-1 Highest Inline failover in case of proxy error (ex. connection timeout).


JLupin Edge Balancer version 1.6.0.x matches all other JLupin Platform components in version 1.6.0.y.

UPGRADE INFO (1.5.0 ->

Upgrade impact

Scope Impact level
Runtime medium
Management none
Configuration medium
Integration none

Description of scopes:

  • runtime - reflects how Edge Balancer discovers the environment and process requests (proxing / balancing)
  • management - tools (ex. scripts) for Edge Balancer management (tools, scripts)
  • configuration - configuration structure, files, list of parameters, layout, everything related to configuration.
  • integration - Edge Balancer services, available at certain URIs that is used by external components for discovery, management and monitoring purposes.