Communication visualizer

Calls to microservices are visualized by plugin. It scans your code for invocation of method produceObject. Then it takes a class which is produceObject argument. It looks in which module it is defined and this way connection is beeing drew. To open pane with archtecture drew click on the pane JLupin Project Architecture on the right edge of your IntelliJ IDE.

Figure 1. Architecture pane.

Standard project type

For standard project architecture layout is not known. That's why all microservice ale placed on circle nad validation check is not enabled.

Figure 2. Standard project communication visualizer.

Three layer project type

For three layer project archtiecture is presented as a three rows.

Figure 3. Three layer project communication visualizer.

For three layer project validation is also enabled. You shouldn't call microservices which are more than 1 row below you but you mustn't call any microservice above you. Validation can be toggled with last icon in the top of the archtiecture pane.

Figure 4. Three layer project communication visualizer with validation enabled.