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Deploy microservice zip file to server and starts/restarts uploaded microservice.


  • Requires a Maven project to be executed.


Name Type Default Property Since Description
clientRSAPKCS8EncodedPrivateKey none jlupin.clientRSAPKCS8EncodedPrivateKey 1.1.0 Path to client RSA PKCS #8 encoded private key. If not set default JLupin client private key is used (embeded in plugin).
clientX509Certificate none jlupin.clientX509Certificate 1.1.0 Path to client X509 certificate file. If not set default JLupin client certificate is used (embeded in plugin).
connectionTimeout java.lang.Integer 1000 jlupin.connectionTimeout 1.1.0 Max connecting time.
hardRestart java.lang.Boolean true jlupin.hardRestart 1.2.0 When hard restart is set microservice is terminated and then started. When hard restart is not set online restart is executed (standard restart command).
isSSL java.lang.Boolean true jlupin.isSSL 1.1.0 Flag to determine if use SSL connection to server.
microserviceName java.lang.String ${} jlupin.microserviceName 1.2.1 Name of microservice being deployed.
readTimeout java.lang.Integer 900000 jlupin.readTimeout 1.1.0 Max read time.
serverAddress java.lang.String jlupin.serverAddress 1.1.0 JLupin Next Server address.
serverX509Certificate none jlupin.serverX509Certificate 1.1.0 Path to server X509 certificate file. If not set default JLupin server certificate is used (embeded in plugin).
skipDeploy java.lang.Boolean false jlupin.skipDeploy 1.1.0 Flag to tell if skip deploying microservice.
skipRestart java.lang.Boolean false jlupin.skipRestart 1.1.0 Flag to tell if skip restart microservice after deploy.
transmissionPort java.lang.Integer 9096 jlupin.transmissionPort 1.1.0 JLupin Next Server transmission port.
zipFile java.lang.String ${}/${project.artifactId}.zip jlupin.zipFile 1.1.0 Path to microservice zip file.