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Notice! Before reading this part read quick start first
1. Server Directory Structure
2. Server Start Parameters
3. Server Remote Console
4. DES XML Streaming Protocol
5. Manage Server Client API Specification
6. Server Configuration File
7. Microservice Configuration File
8. Maven Dependencies
9. Create Microservice
10. The Exceptions
11. Transactions
12. Microservice Invocation
13. Calling Remotely Microservice From Another Microservice
14. Queues
15. Web Services as WEB SERVICE-SOAP-XML Facade Pattern
16. Server Monitoring
17. Advanced Java Virtual Machine Parameters For The Main Server And Microservices
18. Logging
19. Named Thread Pool For Execute Business Services
20. Asynchronous Subsystem Execution
21. Remote Debugging
22. Sequencers
23. Local Tests
24. Web Service As WEB SERVICE-HTTP-JSON Facade Pattern
25. Multithreaded Timers
26. Software Load Balancers